Live Interview June 23, 1pm EST (5PM GMT)


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On June 23rd at 1 pm EST (5 PM GMT), our in house
host, Cathleen Trigg-Jones, will do a live interview with Dr. Louise de Waal of
Blood Lions, the organization that exposed the incredibly cruel practice of
canned lion hunting with their award-winning film of the same name. The focus
of the interview will be the proposed new legislation in South Africa to govern
all Wildlife farming, especially Lion farming. The interview will be followed
by a Q&A. The link to the meeting is

All those who are interested in the
interview can have a free screening of the Movie “Blood Lions”, to get a
background of the events that led up to this new proposed legislation. The link
to the movie will expire in 5 days. It can be seen at:  Password: BLF0308

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